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"I go to Cheryl Elaine for readings when I'm really, really stuck.  I do this for two reasons.  First, her intuition regarding likely future events is uncanny.  She has seen in advance important issues having to do with my son's health, crossroads in my marriage--things that are very important to me and I had no idea were headed in my direction.  Knowing in advance what is coming up helps me get mentally prepared and get clear about what I want from the situation.  Second, Cheryl Elaine is more than a medium--she is an excellent and experienced spiritual leader and behavioral health counselor.  She can offer insight into what's for my highest, best good, which then I can apply to the 'free will' part of any situation.  Plus, she's a loving and diplomatic person, which I appreciate when there's tough information to share in a reading.  I think everyone should treat themselves to a reading from Cheryl Elaine on a quarterly basis."


Lisa O.

Chicago, IL


"I believe in mediumship and the good it can do, and I believe in Cheryl Elaine.  She truly has the gift.  In readings I've had with her she had brought up specific names, relationship, and details about relatives of mine that she couldn't have known unless she were getting the information from Spirit.  Most recently, in a reading, she told me of a certain a music performance that I was to be involved in.  She didn't say when it would be, but she stated the exact number of people who would be playing together, and the exact relationship of the other musicians to me.  At that point, I had no specific opportunity or plans to make such a a thing happen.  So, I was amazed when an invitation, perfectly fitting what she described, came out of the blue, just a few weeks later.  As we rehearsed, there were times when I wanted to back out because I didn't think we'd be ready in time.  But because Cheryl Elaine had told me with confidence that she saw this performance happening, I kept going with the faith and trust that it was destined to come together successfully--and it did.  Thank you, Spirits and thank you, Cheryl Elaine!"


David T.

Chicago, IL

Professor of Philosophy

"Cheryl Elaine is a seasoned medium who approaches her clients with a commitment to honoring and supporting each person’s unique life story. When I was in a particularly difficult situation with a family member, she provided specific information that helped to resolve the issue at hand. I recommend Cheryl Elaine. She will always endeavor to deliver a message from Spirit with clarity, integrity and love."



Ontario, Canada


"I contacted Cheryl Elaine when I lost my job. I was sick with worry over how Iwould pay my mortgage and other bills with no income. My sessions with Cheryl Elaine lead me to exploring my options to increase my income while bringing me considerable comfort in knowing all would work out in my favor. And it did!I would use Cheryl Elaine again if I ever need assistance with another problem!"



San Franscico, CaliforniaN.G

Professor of Philosophy

"I've been to Cheryl Elaine many times to receive guidance through her messages. She delivers insightful and practical messages that have always been helpful to me in resolving whatever crises I'm facing. Cheryl Elaine easily taps into the energy of the spirit forces to deliver practical advice to the questioner. These messages from spirit have been invaluable in guiding me through my challenges in order to find workable solutions. I highly recommend a private session with Cheryl Elaine to help you with your journey."



Boca Raton, Florida

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