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Spirits Greetings is dedicated to serving the needs of our clients each and every day.
The confidential services we provide are:
Individual Spirit Messages


Cheryl Elaine connects you with loved ones and guides on the other side. You'll receive spiritual guidance and clarification that leads to understanding, direction, healing and joy.  

Small Group Spirit Messages


Sometimes people enjoy having a session with one or two others taking part. Cheryl Elaine connects with your spirit and provides messages for all in attendance.  

Personal Growth Sessions


Would you like to gain insight, direction

or clarity for your life? This is designed for those who want to establish an

on-going series of sessions to address areas of personal & spiritual growth toward attaining their life's goals.  

"One way to describe my many brief readings with Cheryl Elaine is a 'spiritual tuneup'. The readings I've received from Cheryl Elaine have been accurate, encouraging, prodding and comforting. Whatever the details of the message, I always feel better connected with my own spiritual nature, that the Universe has not forgotten me and I am somehow included in All-There-Is. In fact, I've come to understand that this sense of felt connection with a "Something More", which I always receive during a reading with Cheryl Elaine, is often more important than the answers to specific questions -which answers have provided very useful guidance."
Evanston, IL
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