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I'm often asked, "How did you become a Medium?"


I grew up in a family where demonstrating God’s love for each other was important. I remember how my mother pinched pennies so she could take food to a family a block away who wasn’t always able to feed their children. My father was a quiet man and kept to himself however, when he learned that a neighbor needed help, he was there to lend a hand.


It’s just what they did.


Through my youth, I attended a Lutheran church and would go to Summer Bible Campat the local Southern Baptist Church.  I loved that week of camp! The stories, songs, activities and community were wonderful!   


When my father made his transition, I was only 14 years old. My family was in shock and my mother was very worried about how she would continue with two kids headed for college. 


During that time, I remember waking up a little after midnight and walking into the kitchen. I found my mother sitting at the table with a cup of tea in her hands. I asked her what was wrong and she replied, "Everything is fine." She told me when she was worried, she would sit and ask God to help her. She would sit and pretty soon she would have an idea of what she needed to do next.  


For my mother, this was how God answered a prayer. My mother would never have said Spirit communicated with her.


This became my first experience with Spirit.


Years later, out of the blue, I was facing a serious health condition. It was going to require surgery to determine the extent of the illness. I was incredibly confused and scared. Not only had I never been ill before but this was life threatening. 


A friend said, "Come to my (Spiritualist) church and sit for a healing. Maybe you’ll get a message about what’s happening."


Well, I did go and I did receive a message about my health and the situation. The minister’s message gave me a deeper understanding and confidence. As things worked out, her message was 100% correct; I would have the surgery but I did not have the illness that the doctor thought was presenting in my body.


I began to regualary attend the Spritualist church. It wasn’t long before I decided that I wanted to be able to help people in the say way that I had been helped. Through mediumship education and spiritual unfoldment classes, I was able to begin presenting messages from the platfrom of that same church just a couple years after I had walked through its doors. 


That was 22 years ago.


Today, I continue to study, teach and develop my skills as a spiritual counselor and a practicing Medium. I look forward to sharing Spirits Greetings with you. 

Having received messages from a variety of mediums through the years I have to say that Cher Dyle is amazing, bringing messages that are not only relevant  and reassuring  but sometimes, to my surprise, speaking to events  that have not yet taken place.  When, at the end of a message, Cher told me that my eyes were fine I had no idea what she was talking about.  But weeks later during an eye exam for glasses the optometrist  expressed  concern that I might have glaucoma This was totally negated by the ophthalmologist I then went to for a second opinion.  That’s when I remembered Cher’s messages about my eyes “being fine.”  It is a blessing to have Cher Dyle in my life.
Marian Tompson,
Passionate Journey: My Unexpected Life (Hale, 2011)
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