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The Spiritualist Church

As Spiritualists, we believe that the existence and personal identity of the individual continues after the change called death. Additionally, we also believe that communication with the so-called dead is a fact,

scientifically proven by the phenomena of Spiritualism.   

The sunflower is the symbol of this organization.  
As the sunflower turns its face to the sun, Spiritualists turn to the truth.   

Spirit messages can help us explore the truths of our lives and create a brighter tomorrow.






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Terms of Art

Psychic - is a sensitive. Sensitive to the vibrations of another individual. A psychic works with their intuition to predict future events and present events to give the sitter information about what’s going on in their life. Psychics can also use particular tools, like tarot cards and crystals.


Medium - is also a sensitive who connects with a sitter. They can also use their intuition to connect with the vibration of the sitter. But a big distinction is that the medium’s role, mission, is to demonstrate the continuity of life with their sitters. So the medium is not only going to talk about past, present, and future events, but the medium is also going to work with their spirit guides, their band of spirits they work with, to connect with the spirit entities of the sitter, and hopefully bring information to the sitter that’s only relevant to the sitter so they understand it’s coming from a loved one on the other side.


A medium can also give psychic messages. We usually don’t find a psychic saying they can give mediumistic messages, in other words from someone who has made their transition.

If you really stop and think about it, who is working with a psychic to give their information to the sitter? I’m a strong believer that that is Spirit coming into work with them. Perhaps the psychic just hasn’t made that connection.


Is there something to be said about working with a medium who has a relationship to her Spirit guides, as opposed to working with a psychic who opens up to any and everything, since they don’t have a relationship with where their information is coming from? I think people need to very careful when they’re considering sitting with a medium or a psychic. It’s just like doctors, dentists, attorneys, hair dressers, mechanics – there are people who are better at their craft than others. Part of it is their dedication to their work. It’s being persistent and consistent. There are all sorts of stories where a psychic’s or medium’s interest is not really in serving other people. People have to be careful where they go, and it’s great to have a referral. So that the person knows what they’re getting into and some idea of the legitimacy. 


Vibration - everything vibrates at a different level. Even a rock. A person is going to vibrate at a higher vibrancy. It says what’s going on in that person’s life, their thoughts, and what they are dealing with. It allows you to connect with that person.


Intuition - is a gut feeling. It’s also Spirit touching in with you to tell you something is correct, or perhaps if you don’t feel good about something it’s telling you to take another look at it. For example if someone is considering moving across the country, intuition might tell them, “that feels great.” Or, it might be a feeling of constriction, in which case the person might want to explore that a little more.


Transition - This means “died” in the Spiritualist transition. Spiritualists say “made his transition” instead of “died” because they believe the person’s identity continues after the change called death. There’s a physical death to the body, yet the soul continues, so we have the continuity of life.


Spirit – “Spirit” with a capital “S” refers to the Divine Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, or God by her many names. Whereas “spirit” with a small “s” refers to souls who have made their transition who in this context are working with the medium and the sitter to give the sitter information that would be helpful to them.


Healing – Spiritualists believe in hands-on healing. The healing can be physical, emotional, spiritual. The purpose is to help one return to a state of wholeness. When you sit for a healing, what does that mean? That is, a practitioner is putting their hands to help move and clear your energy.


Message – A message from Spirit is going to be information that is meant to help them in some respect. It could be from a departed loved one. For example, when we’re grieving for a loved one who has made their transition, it’s helpful to have a message from them that they are doing well, that they’re happy, and with us. That type of message can be really important in someone’s life. It might even help them to open up to feel that presence of their loved one and to actively and consciously receiving that person’s love to go onto support them here on this side. Recently, Cheryl Elaine had a message for someone where she had an image of her ankle pulling a ball and chain with a lot of weight to it. Spirit showed her a key. The key was the sitter’s thoughts. The person who received the message was enthusiastically nodding her head.


Unfoldment – Spiritualists believe that everyone has the gift of mediumship and this gift can be unfolded with enough time, study, and dedication. Unfoldment classes support this. Mediumship is both message work and healing.



"Intuitive and inspiring are how I would describe my sessions with Cheryl Elaine. Messages are delivered through her in a way that answers the unasked questions and reveals the right next thing to do. I've had readings done by Cheryl Elaine when I've been at a crossroad in my life, needing to make a decision and not knowing how to do that. Messages through Cheryl Elaine have been delivered in a caring manner and with such clarity that has made it easy for me to know what to do next. There is power in working with her and because of the renewed focus of attention, solutions come quickly and easily."
Paris, France
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